Casa Bella Terms of Service

    Casa Bella General Services strives to offer our clients the best value in comparison to our competitors. We offer satisfaction, bonded and insured services. All services provided are under our basic terms of service. We reserve the right to alter or modify these terms at any time. By allowing us to service your residence and/or place of business, you are agreeing to the terms below.

Cancellation Policies
    We have a 48 Hour Cancellation Policy. If you have any changes, please call/text us as soon as possible at (801) 505-3526.  Future scheduled cleaning remain unchanged unless requested to change.  If we can not gain access to your home, we will make every attempt to contact you, and wait no more than 20 minutes. Cancellations With Less Than A 48 hour Notice will be charged $35.

  Your satisfaction is important to us. While we do not offer refunds on services that have been provided, we will re-clean any areas of concern that are reported to us within 24 hours from time when service was rendered.  When reported we will schedule to come out and fix any issues ASAP. If you don’t allow us back you are giving up your right to a remedy. Hourly rate services are “not” included unless the team confirms they had enough time to do a full cleaning. With this said areas that are reported as “completed” based on the service time will still allow for remedy.

Additional Requests
    Any additional service requests not included in the cleaning package that you select will also be billed for additionally unless it is noted on your service proposal at the time of your estimate. ( For example; Refrigerator cleaning, windows, extra rooms etc).Casa Bella staff will do their best to fit in any extra requests made. However please note we have other house we need to attend.

Arrival Windows
    We strive to deliver your service in a timely manner. Due to unpredictability of inconveniences, traffic, and weather, appointment times are just an estimate. We keep you updated if we know a crew is running late or rare occasion we may need to reschedule. We appreciate your time and we ask for your patience if our Pros are met with these unpredictabilities.

 Payment is expected prior to  the day of the cleaning unless card is on file. Your card on file will be charged after the cleaning is done. If you prefer to make payment a different way please notify our office. Your card will be charged for the job. worked regardless, prior to late period to avoid late fees. Payment is expected prior to  the day of the cleaning unless card is on file. Cash, Venmo (@casabellags) , Apple Pay, Card**  are accepted forms of payment. 
 Accounts not paid within 1 week of service are presented with a $25 late fee, accounts not paid within 2 weeks of service are presented with a $50 late fee. In the event an account required legal or collections action, the client agrees to pay all costs of collection, with our limitations for reasonable attorney fees. Interest on past due amount, court costs, and all collection costs.

**All credit card payments are subject to a 3% processing fee.

    Casa Bella General Services is closed on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. If your regular cleaning lands on one of these days, we will reschedule you to another day. If you will be out of town or on vacation during holiday week, please let our office know as soon as possible to avoid a last-minute cancellation fee or lock out fee.

Insurance and Bonded
  **Due to insurance purposes we are unable to move heavy furniture and/or anything heavier than 35 lbs.

    Casa Bella is bonded and insured. However PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT WE ASSUME NO LIABILITY FOR DAMAGE OR LOSS OF ITEMS THAT ARE NOT SECURED PROPERLY OR THAT WERE DAMAGED PRIOR TO OUR CLEANING. (Example: heavy pictures hanging from thumbtacks, any type of floating shelves, etc.) Curio or nick-knack items of extreme value, monetary or sentimental should be stored away in a safe place. All surfaces (i.e. Marble, granite, hardwood floors, etc.) are assumed to be properly sealed and ready to clean without causing harm when common cleansers are used.

    Casa Bella crew members are required to wear a mask. We will never send one of our team members into your home if we know that they are ill. We ask that you notify our office ASAP preferably by 8:00 am if you or anyone in your family is sick so that we can take precautions or choose to re-schedule your job. If the office is not alerted and a crew member shows up there will be a $40 fee that will be paid out to the crew for their loss of time.

    You agree not to solicit for hire any staff member introduced to you by Casa Bella General Services. Should you wish to hire a current or past Casa Bella General Services Pro, for any home related services outside of your agreement with Casa Bella General Services, our Referral fee is $1,000 payable to Casa Bella General Services. If fee is not paid, Casa Bella General Services reserves the right to pursue other methods of collection. The employee will be terminated immediately from our employment as they will also be in breach of their own non-solicitation agreement. This fee is due immediately upon employing our current/past staff member for any services to your home.

Safety and Productivity
     If for any reason an employee of Casa Bella General Services feels that their personal safety is endangered enough to leave the job site, due to actions by the customer, guests of the customers or others at the job site, the customer
will remain liable for the full cost of the job. We need to be able to work freely and without distractions. Every effort is made to work safely and cautiously, but we cannot assume liability for the safety of others while cleaning your home. This includes children and pets. Be advised that if we are subject to distractions, that affect our ability to work in our normal fashion or speed we reserve the right to charge for our extra time spent in the home. In cases of extremely cluttered areas or surfaces we reserve the right to use our discretion to skip those areas to avoid damaging items

Thank you for choosing Casa Bella General Services! We look forward to serving you!​